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Brief stories of various genres written and read by Scott William Foley.

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Sunday Nov 13, 2022

TJ’s big brother wakes him up with a simple order: “Follow me.” By the night’s conclusion, he’ll wish he had stayed in bed.

Saturday Nov 05, 2022

If you like poker, and you like catchphrases, and you like severe discomfort, "Gunsmoke's All-In" is for you.

Thursday Aug 11, 2022

About a zombie, who happens to love Tom Brady, in search of the perfect victim. Try not to take it too seriously. 

Thursday Aug 04, 2022

Did you ever want to fight back against a jerky college professor? If so, this story will definitely be a return on your investment! 

Saturday Oct 02, 2021

As usual, Sadie peeks out the back window before going to bed. This night, though, a clown sits upon their swings. Against her husband’s wishes, she confronts the stranger. She will wish she hadn’t.

Saturday Sep 25, 2021

Bryan is certain he’s going to die at the bottom of that ravine. When help arrives, it’s in a form he never expected. (Science Fiction)

Thursday Nov 26, 2020

Utterly unapologetic, Eddie stands fuming outside in the bitter cold while his son, wife, and in-laws sit silently at the dinner table, surrounding a cold turkey. How did such woeful events occur on Thanksgiving Day? Read on …

Monday Nov 23, 2020

Careful with that spider you’re about to step on. You might just end the world. 

Wednesday Nov 11, 2020

As her husband nears death in a hospital, Holly argues with her daughter about whether he is alone or not.

Sunday Nov 08, 2020

“Actual Reality” explores the idea of fact versus fiction and persona versus personality.

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